Fabric Buying Guide: How to Decorate All of the Rooms of Your Home

The correct choice of high-quality curtains is one of the most effective ways to add to the bespoke ambiance of any room. At The Curtain Shop, we appreciate the fact that no two homes are alike. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of materials, styles, designs and pleats to choose from.

As we embrace a made-to-measure service, you can rest assured that your ultimate choice will reflect the very personality of the room; a one-of-a-kind appearance is all but guaranteed. Our latest blog post runs through some of the key fabric designs we offer, what styles they’re available in and where in the home they work best!


Harlequin provides a nearly limitless line of curtains that are primarily designed for larger spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Many of these styles will cover the entire height between the floor and the ceiling. Employing the use of bright colours and pastel prints, such options are ideal for a space that requires vigour and flair. Additionally, Harlequin pieces can help to imbue an area with warmth and emotion. So, they can be a perfect addition to entrances, foyers and indeed any area that is slightly lacking in colour.

Clarke & Clarke

Clarke & Clarke supplies what is perhaps the largest selection of prints and solid colours on the market. With well over three thousand options to choose from, you can rest assured that even the most discrete of tastes can be met with ease. Vertical designs are ideal for rooms with a diminutive height, as they will provide the illusion of space in what may otherwise be a cramped environment. These styles can help to add a traditional or a modern appeal; ideal for those who wish to achieve a classic look or match their draperies with contemporary settings. Of course, we will help you to make the correct choice based around your individual needs.

Prestigious Textiles

This line of curtains seeks to accentuate the latest trends and will provide you with an undeniably eclectic line of designs to choose from. Particularly noted for their use of light pastels and off-white colours, you can expect to achieve a seamlessly integrated appeal to a room which will assure that these curtains will never overpower the existing decor.

As the fabrics tend to be quite translucent, this selection is ideally suited for larger spaces such as living rooms which contain equally large windows. Whether you desire contemporary weaves or a choice of chic prints and embroideries, Prestigious Textiles will not disappoint.

These are but three of the current collections that we offer at The Curtain Shop. Should you wish to obtain expert advice in regards to choosing the perfect ensemble, please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or to visit our Kettering retail showroom.

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